Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday Night And I like The Way You Move

Hey blogging world,

Staying in watching The X Factor at the moment.  I've taken over twitter with my serious amount of tweets about the show.  I'm absolutely madly in love with Craig Colton and Marcus Collins.  Have to admit I really can't stand Janet Devlin (just not my cup of tea).  I love Saturday nights staying in with goodies and wearing my PJ's.

This morning I went to get my eyebrows threaded with my sister Lesley (most wonderful sister ever).  EVERY girl should get their eyebrows threaded, I don't think people realise how much of a difference good eyebrows make to your face.  They're the frame to your face and I find when mine are shaded in nice and dark and have a good shape on them they make my eyes POP.  Although threading is painful, it's completely worth it.  I pay 15 euro about every six weeks but I know there are places that do it for cheaper.  I urge all you ladies out there, GO FORTH AND GET FABULOUS EYEBROWS.  While getting my brows preened I spontaneously decided to get my hair done.  I'm a natural blonde and had been getting highlights since I was about 15.  Last December I decided to go brown for a change, I loved it but now I want to start going back blonde.  Well a few weeks ago I went to a Salon in Dublin, Brown Sugar, and did the modeling classes.  We discussed what I wanted and I decided on a light brown tint with scattered blonde highlights... I left with RED hair and blonde CHUNKS, needless to say I was disgusted.  I complained a few days later and they didn't really seem to care one bit.  Pure laziness and awful service in my opinion.  Today I went to my usual salon and got a full head of highlights, I am so happy with how it turned out.  The red is very toned down and there are lovely honey coloured highlights all over.  Now I'm gradually in the process of going back to blonde, after all blondes have more fun don't they?

What do you guys think of me with blonde hair?


That's all for now,

Love Lori 


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