Monday, 13 February 2012

Love Is In The Air

Hey loves,

As you all know it's Valentines day tomorrow.  Usually I am very cynical about the whole ordeal and think it is a scam but this year has been quite different.  My amazing boyfriend took me for dinner and drinks last night and surprised me with staying the night in a gorgeous hotel in Dublin.  We had Valentines night last night because he'll be working tomorrow.  We went for food in Yamamori (MAJOR NOMZ) and had some crazy Japanese beer, was so so lovely.  After dinner he handed me the key to our hotel room, the sly dog.  Went for drinks in the hotel bar and then up to our room and he had prosecco waiting for me.  It was such a romantic evening and I can't imagine it having been spent any other way.  I guess I'm a convert, maybe it just takes the right person to change your mind about things.

This was our hotel room (picture from my AWFUL Blackberry)

I hope all my lovely followers and readers have a great day/night whatever you plan on doing.

Much love,



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  1. woah that is so sweet!
    i wish my boyfriend was here for valentines :(