Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day Off!!

Hello lovelies,

Just a quick post to brag about having a day off.  It's such a nice feeling to know I don't have to go to work or class today.  The only commitments I have are going to the dentist for a post-op appointment after my wisdom teeth removal, then I get to come home and eat lots of treats and see my boyfriend.  My bedroom got to the point where it looked like a bomb went off in it, so I just lashed everything into my wardrobes and pretended it looked clean.  I should really get a start on that too.

I recently started a professional make-up artistry class and am LOVING it!! I'll be (hopefully) qualified in May and then fingers crossed get a good job.  We practice on each other in class and my poor skin is breaking out terribly from all the makeup and cleansing.  Also using makeup my skin is not used to is making my eczema bad (boooo).  Anyone know any tips or products for keeping my skin moisturised and helping with the breakouts?

Anyhoo I'm off to have a bowl (or three) of lucky charms and a cup of tea.  The joys of having breakfast this late is amazing.





  1. I love the makeup look! Would love to be able to pull of black lipstick but I am a wee bit afraid. Spray tanning is the scariest thing, I had one the other day and it was so frightening being all nudey in front of a stranger! You're so brave!

  2. Thanks Kirsten. :) I haven't worn black lippie myself but think it's more of a high fashion thing. Maybe one day I'd work up the courage.