Monday, 23 January 2012

Take it Easy

Hey loves,

I am SO sorry for my absence lately, I've not been myself and also have been super busy with work and class.  I'm back now and hopefully will be blogging lots.

Just a short one today from me.  I bought myself pure coconut oil a few days ago to treat my eczema with.  I bought a 453g tub from Holland and Barrett and it cost me around 16 euro.  I was shocked by the price of it, so hope it'll be worth it.  I have been suffering quite badly with my eczema lately so wanted to try this as I'd heard so much about it.  I have this unsightly and burning dry skin on my eyelids, around my mouth and nose and on my hands.  It's so painful and nothing I try ever works (e45, silcocks base, vaseline, shea butter).  I'm going to use it daily as a moisturiser and drink a spoon in my tea as well.  I'll report back in a few weeks with a review.

In the meantime I'd love if you ladies can give me some tips on treating my eczema.  I'd also like to hear if any of you have eczema and your experiences with it.

That's all for now,



  1. I get really bad eczema on my arms and annoyingly around my eyes!!I'm currently using acqueous cream for mine and it works so much better than E45 or shea butter, and its not too greasy so its easy to apply foundation after without looking shiny. Maybe you could give that a try if you haven't already? Hope this helps xx

    1. Thanks a million Nicola, I'll have to look into that. x